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About Us

Who are Gasarasrevolution?

You might have seen term ‘we’ used to refer to Gasarasrevolution on this website but the reality is that it’s just me - Laura. Using 'we' makes Gasarasrevolution sound like more than just some utter dork running around with no real idea of what they’re doing. But, full transparency, that’s absolutely what is happening here. It’s a one-bro-show.

As an artist, I've been creating under the name Gasara since 2002. As a human, I'm a complete nerd who loves music, comics and video games. I have reoccurring nightmares about dinosaurs but love drawing cute monsters.

What does Gasarasrevolution mean?

The name Gasara comes from the anime Gasaraki. The revolution part was added shortly after Beyblade's third series aired in 2003. It was subtitled G Revolution and it seemed rude not to smash the two together. So it went Gasara + G Revolution = Gasarasrevolution.

How do you pronounce 'Gasarasrevolution'?

Gasara is pronounced [Gah-ZAR-Rah]. Then it's simply a case of saying Gasara's Revolution smashed together without any punctuation.

It didn't occur to me how awkward this seventeen letter word would be when I first started using it. My bad guys!

About Our Work

Do you accept commissions?

At the moment I am focused on the behind the scenes work of running this store. I will be taking commissions in the future though so keep an eye out for that announcement. You can sign up to the mailing list to be the first to know when this feature goes live.

Where can I read more about your original works?

While the full stories of To the Soul, Albion and the rest are not currently available, there is a wealth of artwork and snippets to be found on my social media channels. You can also find additional information, illustrations and excerpts in my art books.

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