Gasarasrevolution can most accurately be described by the phrase ‘art-based shenanigans’. We create unique art prints, books, trinkets and gifts for people who love a bit of whimsy. Sometimes silly, often ridiculous, we aim to produce joyous, light-hearted treasures to bring a smile to people’s faces.

The World of Gasarasrevolution

While we create all art of all kinds of things, Gasarasrevolution is primarily an outlet for six main titles. These original works make up the world of Gasarasrevolution and you'll find their characters and motifs scattered throughout our products. You don't need to know anything about these titles to enjoy our illustrations but if you would like to you can find further information, artwork and excerpts in my art books and on my social media channels.

To the Soul

Gothic fantasy following the journey of Masa, a mercenary with eleven shadows, and Munryeo, a half blind priest, as they try to rejoin the two pieces of Munryeo's broken soul.

In Fang + Thief

Steampunk inspired shenanigans with the bartender Xero, host Meiro and young thief Jun.

Wires from the Wounds

Post cyberpunk novel set in District 13's cybercrime department. Officer Claire Seaker and TSO Tobias Hunter get caught in the dark world of genetic experimentation.


Historical fantasy novel set during a time of unrest in the kingdom of Merica.


Sci-Fi novel featuring the crew of the cargo ship Gladsheim, following the evolution of the human race and their expansion into space.

Window Post

Musical shenanigans following the career of Window Post, a fictional alternative three piece band from Tamworth.

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